Buy Seattle Seahawks Game Tickets 2018

Seattle Seahawks Game Tickets
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Recently, the Seattle Seahawks have become a dominant force in NFL which makes their tickets a very popular commodity. Lots of people want to get their hands on a pair of tickets. They all want the best to purchase a set of tickets. They say, the early bird gets the worm. Hence lets know how to buy Seattle Seahawks Game Tickets 2018 online.

Seattle Seahawks Game Tickets
Seattle Seahawks Game Tickets Sites 2018

How To Buy Seahawks Tickets

You have to be quick and know which game or games you want to attend and plan your purchase well in advance. One way to know when they are playing in Seattle is to go to their ticket page. There you will find the 2018 schedule and you can plan on which games you want to attend and be ready to make the purchase well in advance of the crowd. Being early and going to the best place is a sure way to be the early bird in this mad scramble for available tickets.

Top Ticket Buying Sites

There are several websites that provide the service including:

The steps to purchasing The Tickets

  1. First, you select the game you want to attend, then you select the section you want to sit in and check the ticket costs. These prices change even if you are in the same section, this is not a one price fits all system.
  2. After that, you select the number of tickets you want. It may take some work to purchase more than two. You will be asked to submit your e-mail address before proceeding to the checkout page. You give them your valid e-mail address as the company will email your tickets to you for more efficient service and peace of mind.
  3. After entering your e-mail address you are sent to the payment page where you need to provide the company with your credit card information. You will also be asked to provide your personal contact information so the company can get a hold of you in case of problems or future advertising needs.
  4. Finally you reach the checkout where your purchase is confirmed. You are good to go after that and only have to wait till your tickets arrive in your e-mail box.

This is one way to purchase your Seahawk tickets. You can go to places like Craigslist or EBay but you never know what you are getting and you may run into a scalper who is looking to make a large buck out of selling their set of tickets.


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