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The Seattle Seahawks has an official Seattle Seahawks Facebook Fans Page for its supporters. The page describes the team as a professional American football franchise that is based in Seattle, Washington. It also gives a brief profile of the franchise. The fans connect to the Facebook page to get current updates of the seahawks.

As of the time of writing this article, the Seattle Seahawks Facebook Fans page had
4,073,328  likes and 3,811,959  mentions. Among other things, it is mainly used by the franchise to:

•    Post team news such as scores, signings, tours and charity work
•    Remind fans of past successes and failures
•    Promote the franchise’s website and other social media platforms

The Official Seahawks Facebook Fans Page

Top Seattle Seahawks Facebook Fans Pages 2018

If you search for Seattle Seahawk pages on Facebook you will get several results that include Seattle Seahawks Fans, Seattle Seahawks Love, Seattle Seahawks Fan Page, Seattle Seahawks Fanwagon and Seattle Seahawks 12th Man Fans among many others.

Alternatively, you can join one of the many Seattle Seahawks Facebook groups. Below is a list of the top 10 recommended groups.

1.Seahawks Fan Zone

Members: 37,980
Type: Closed Group
This group was formed so that members can discuss everything about the Seattle Seahawks and also share photos.

2. Seahawks 12th Man

Members: 34,991
Type: Closed Group
This global fan group is for committed members of the 12th Man. It is a platform where Seattle Seahawks supporters discuss the team’s latest news and trends.

3.Seattle Seahawks

Members: 15,430
Type: Public Group
This is a very group that is open for anybody who is interested in knowing anything about the Seattle Seahawks.

4. Seahawks – The Seattle Bird

Type: Closed Group
Members of this group discuss the Seattle Seahawks and other NFL teams. It is a great platform for new fans.

5. Seahawks Fans Pride

Members: 6,362
Type: Closed Group
This is yet another group of 12’s who are interested in sharing team news and photos while supporting the team.

6. Single 12s

Members: 2,644
Type: Closed Group
This is a rather unique group that not only encourages Seahawks supporters to rally behind their team but also to get to know each other on a personal level. Singles are encouraged to join.

7. SEAHAWKS!! The place where 12’s have fun!!

Members: 1,456
Type: Closed Group
This group celebrate the Seattle Seahawks. It welcomes new members as well as those who have loved the team for relatively long.

8. Seattle Seahawks Fans – Washington DC

Members: 1,257
Type: Public Group
This public group is for Seattle Seahawks who reside in the team’s home state.

9. Regional Groups

Some Facebook groups are for people from specific regions. For instance, The OC Seattle Seahawk Fans  is a closed group for residents of Orange County while the Southern California Seattle Seahawks Fans  is a group for Southern California residents.

10. International

Other groups exist strictly for supporters who don’t reside within the US. For example, the UK Seattle Seahawks Fans is for UK or European based supporters of the team. Others include Seattle Seahawks – BRASIL () for Brazil based supporters and German Seattle Seahawks Fans for fans who are in Germany.

See Similar Like Seattle Seahawks Facebook Fans

Top Popular Seattle Seahawks FACEBOOK FANS Page 2018

Facebook Page Name | Like
Facebook Page Link
Seattle Seahawks | 3,935,823+
Seattle Seahawks on 247Sports | 491,532+
Seattle Seahawks Fanwagon | 106,763+
Seattle Seahawks Love | 84,947+
Seattle Seahawks Fanpage | 47,601+
Seattle Seahawks Fan HQ | 141,976+
Seattle Seahawks Fanatics | 9,797+
Seattle Seahawks Fan Island | 14,572+
Seattle Seahawks Fanpage | 7,285+
Famous Seahawks Seattle Fans | 4,159+
Seattle Seahawks Fans | 3,858+
Seattle Seahawks Hub | 9,668+
Field Gulls: For Seattle Seahawks News and Analysis | 19,217+
Seattle Seahawks from B/R | 19,369+
Seattle Seahawks Fans From Everywhere | 18,523+

Top Popular Seattle Seahawks FACEBOOK FANS Group 2018

Facebook Group Name | Likes
Facebook Group Link
Seattle Seahawks | 3,256+
Seattle Seahawks | 15,387+
Seattle Seahawks | 2,941+
Seahawks | 8,903+
Seahawks 12th Man | 34,981+
Seahawks – The Seattle Bird | 9,200+
Southern California Seattle Seahawks Fans | 3,265+
The Best DAMN 12th MAN | 6,576+
Seahawks 12th Man – Marketplace | 7,982+
12th Man Loud & Proud | 17,087+
Seahawk Central | 5,955+
The 12th Man | 9,217+


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