Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks Rivalry

Rivalry is a positive factor in a game. The rivalries between teams or clubs make the match more interesting and competitive. American football is a game with many followers and as such, the fans expect the participating clubs to have a certain level of rivalry between them. The Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks Rivalry is one such exciting rivalries.

Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks Rivalry
Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks Rivalry 2018

Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks Rivalry : A Bitter One

The Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks Rivalry is an NFL. The rivalry was  from the same AFC West division, for quite some years. Seahawks were the part of AFC West when the Broncos had a 32-18 record against them. Later the Seahawks migrated to the NFC West. Denver Broncos lead the all scoreboard with 34-19. The two teams also battled in Super Bowl XLVIII in 2004 where Seahawks won 43-8.

Rivalry Analysis

The two teams entered the NFL as the number contenders for their respective conferences. This is when the rivalry between them first became evident. Their biggest game was 3 years ago when they met at the MetLife stadium in New Jersey. With the Denver Broncos as the AFC champions and the Seattle Seahawks as the NFC champions, the intensity of the rivalry between these two teams increased in the NFL.

The defense of the NFC champions ensured a win for them from the beginning of the game against their counterparts with the scores of over 40 points against 10. As the league’s top defense, the Seahawks incurred a 22-0 lead by half time. It had built that to a 36-0 lead before the league’s top offense team (the Broncos) scored once. This win gave the Seahawks their first Lombardi trophy. The game had a record of 115.3 million television viewers and a record of all time highest among the Spanish viewers. With this loss, the Broncos dropped to 0-4 in super bawls.

Super Bowl XLVIII
Seattle Seahawks (NFC) Denver Broncos (AFC)
43 8

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