The Seattle Seahawks has an official YouTube account called Seattle Seahawks. It is accessible via the link With 12,415 subscribers, Youtube seattle seahawks Highlights channel has the least following of any other Seahawk social media. That not withstanding, it is one of the most active YouTube accounts in the NFL.

Seattle Seahawks You Tube Fans
Seattle Seahawks Official You Tube 2018

Seattle Seahawks Game Youtube Highlights 2018:

Some of the things that you can expect to find in the Seahawks YouTube channel include:

  • News updates (like the team schedule)
  • Video snippets and clips of selected games and training sessions
  • Coaches, management, and sea gals interacting with fans
  • Charity and corporate social responsibility videos
  • youtube seahawks fans reactions
  • youtube seahawks Live
  • youtube seattle seahawks highlights
  • youtube seahawks song


The channel also features a fan discussion board on which fans are allowed to air their views and opinions. That makes the channel a very social and lively platform.