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Top Seattle Seahawks Twitter Fans 2018

The official Seattle Seahawks Twitter Fans  handle is @Seahawks. Hence You can access the account via Please note that the link will take you to the official  Twitter account for the Seahawks.

Currently, the Twitter account enjoys a massive following of nearly 2 million. The team uses it to encourage players through hash tags like #SeahawksMinicamp, to marshal fans into supporting the team and to pass important information and news regarding the team. Thus Seattle Seahawks Twitter Fans is no doubt that it is one of the most active Twitter accounts in the NFL.

Popular Seattle Seahawks Twitter Fans Pages

12s :A Twitter account dedicated to the world’s loudest fans: the 12s supporting the Seattle Seahawks since 1976. Curated by @Seahawks.

The SeaGals: This one is the verified  official twitter page of the Sea Gals :the Seattle Seahawks cheerleaders. All the cheer leaders information are availbele hee

Seahawks Promotions: It is the official contest & promotions Twitter account of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks.The twitter account was created in September 2010. It helps the #12s win all year by its aggresive promotion strategy all year.

SeahawksProShop: This is an official retail Twitter account of the National Football League’s Seattle Seahawks.The account is created in October 2012. Fans can Get the latest on new gear and arrivals! So the Number for an order is 206.682.2900.

Hastags #Seahawks

The Seahawks have coined the hashtags #Seahawks #12s #TheSeaGals #winSeahawks and #SeahawksProShop so that they can keep in direct contact with what fans are saying.Beside the hash tags allows fans to talk to one another about the team. Moreover, All the posts like videos, photos and content sharing contan these hash tags. Sometime the hashtags go trendy on twitter.


Top Seattle Seahawks Twitter Fans List

Seattle Seahawks Twitter page

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Seahawks Promotions | @winSeahawks
Blitz the Seahawk | @BlitzTheSeahawk
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