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Seattle Seahawks Funny Video
Seattle Seahawks Funny Video 2018

Seattle Seahawks is a wonderful football team that often performs well in their matches. There is great talent on offer from the team members. The team has Washington as their home base. This team has had its fair moments of glory and defeat; but they also have another side to them which is humor. Some of the members of the team have left their colleagues and fans alike with cracked ribs. Such occurrences definitely enrich the perception accorded to them, that they are not only a serious team but can also pack humor as well.

Some of the funny moments were associated with deflategate, failure of Marshawn Lynch`s refusal and failure to indulge the media and a talk show that mimicked two players of the team. The players highlighted in the talk show were Marshawn and Sherman. Another funny moment was the issue of the New England Patriots. Sentiments made in regard to the topics or incidents were laced with serious humor; they gave a funny perspective to otherwise very serious matters involving the team.