Super Bowl XL – 2005

Super Bowl XL – 2005

Seattle Seahawks Team Super Bowl XL-2005 Champion:

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl 2005
Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl History 2005

The end of the 2005 NFL season saw the Seattle Seahawks clinch the NFC championship while the Pittsburg Steelers bagged the AFC championship. The two met at this 40th edition of the Super Bowl to determine who would be the NFL champion of the season.

The game was played on 5th of February, 2006 at 6:27 PM EST in the Ford Field stadium of Detroit, Michigan. The stadium had been selected as the Super Bowl’s venue on November 1, 2000. It attracted an attendance of 68,206; one of the highest ever recorded in it.

Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers
Date: 2006-02-05
Time: 6:27 PM EST
Stadium: Ford Field – Detroit, Michigan
Final score: 21–10 against the Seahawks
Coach – Mike Holmgren

It was the Seahawks’ 30th season in the NFL and the very first appearance in a Super Bowl. Under the management of head coach Mike Holmgren, the team came to the match with an NFC record win of 13–3 in the regular season. Its opponent (Pittsburgh Steelers) had started the season on a low note (7-5) but recovered and finished with an impressive 11–5.

Pittsburgh jumped to an early 14-3 lead after converting two big plays into touchdowns and taking advantage of Willie Parker’s 75-yard touchdown run that became a Super Bowl record. Seahawks’ Kelly Herndon made a record 76-yard interception return that yielded a touchdown.

Pittsburgh’s lead was cut to 14-10; but they responded with Hines Ward’s touchdown that was set up by Antwaan Randle El’s 43-yard pass in the fourth quarter. The game ended with a score of 21–10 in favor of the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Seattle Seahawks Team Super Bowl XL-2005 Champion History