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Seahawks vs Colts Game Odds Prediction 2017 Week 4

2017 Seahawks vs Colts Week 4 Game Odds Prediction
Seahawks vs Colts Week 4

Seahawks vs Colts face to face meeting for 11 times before this Sunday. Colts chalked up their first win 31-28 over Cleveland Browns which boosted them morally. But in this sense Seahawks might not be happy because of their very recent loose against Titans. After 2013 they both will meet again in 2017 with the hope of victory. Although Seahawks start their 2017 season very well with a couple of victories, their results against Colts are not up to the mark. So, all the suspect, tension and the dilemma will remove through 2017 Seahawks vs Colts Week 4 Game Odds Prediction. Because only Seahawks vs Colts prediction can answer that who will be the conqueror on Sunday afternoon. Let’s see what will happen in the game through some logic.

2017 Seahawks vs Colts Week 4 Game Odds Prediction

Seahawks vs Colts prediction more or less dependent on their previous season stats. Moreover, their strategic strength in a certain game is also very important in this regard. Furthermore, Seahawks passing offense is 250 where Colts have 239 yards. Seahawks rushing offense 121 and Colts have 93 yards. Moreover, Seattle was brilliant in 2016 season with 10 wins in 16 games. On the contrary, Indianapolis is slightly behind than Seattle because they won 8 of 16 games. But the thing is that Indiana may play a dominant role against Seattle. Because Indiana leads the all-time series so far by 7-4 against Seattle.After applying this stats on Seahawks vs Colts prediction, it seems that Colts are slightly ahead than Seahawks. So, 2017 Seahawks vs Colts Week 4 Game Odds Prediction goes 60% winning chances of Colts.

Indianapolis at Seattle Week 4 Game Schedule

  • Date: October 1, 2017
  • Kick-Off: 8:30 pm
  • Venue: CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Washington

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Seahawks vs. Titans Game Preview Prediction Week 3

Seahawks vs. Titans Week 3 Game Battle Preview Prediction
Seahawks vs Titans Reg Week 3

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll should thank NFL for the schedule in week 3. Because they meet with Titans on Sunday afternoon. Seahawks have some extraordinary rookies like QB Russell Wilson, RB Thomas Rawls, and WR Paul Richardson. They have the adequate strength to grab a match on their own side. On the contrary, Titans rookies consist in QB Marcus Mariota, David Fluellen, and WR Corey Davis who are not enough for the Seahawks. It will be a great opportunity for Seahawks’ defense to see how it build up against a physical offense. Consequently, who will pertain the Sunday afternoon match? Who will be the conqueror in Seahawks vs. Titans match? Who will able to create history either Seattle or Titans? All the queries can be solved by Seahawks Titans game prediction.

Seahawks vs. Titans Week 3 Game Battle Preview Prediction

Seahawks Titans game prediction is so important for the fans as well as teams. Because the teams and the fans both will understand the opponent team’s caliber in advance. Seattle 2016 NFL stats depicts that they have the strong ability to defeat any team. In 2016 they won 10 and lost only 5 games. On the other hand, Tennessee 2016 NFL stats denotes their weakness in a certain game. They won 9 and lost 7 games in 2016. Moreover, in Seattle vs. Tennessee last five meeting Seattle won 4 games with a huge margin. Furthermore, Seattle also leads the all-time series with Tennessee by 10-6. Consequently, Seahawks Titans game prediction goes 90% winning chances of Seahawks.

Seattle vs. Tennessee Kick-Off Schedule

Seattle vs. Tennessee game will occur in the home of Titans. So, they will get extra support from their own fans.

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Week 2: Seahawks vs 49ers Game Prediction Analysis

Seahawks 49ers Prediction: Week 2 Sunday Afternoon Game
Seahawks 49ers Sunday Afternoon Game

Seahawk’s coach Pete Carroll may thank the NFL for the schedule. Because Seahawks schedule is comparatively easy. Similarly, the Sunday Afternoon game is with the 49ers. The fans are eagerly waiting to see the rivalry match between Seattle and San Francisco. Furthermore, Seattle San Francisco both are from same division NFC (West). So, they played plenty of games and a bit rivalry may create among them. As a result, Seattle SanFrancisco Sunday afternoon game will create an extra excitement among the fans. In this sense, Seahawks 49ers game prediction will help to reduce the excitement and suspense.

Seahawks vs 49ers Prediction: Week 2 Sunday Afternoon Game

Changing the coaches may effect on the game of 49ers. Because a new coach makes a new plan. And the players may not adopt the plan properly. That’s why before Sunday afternoon game their game stats are not so healthy. If we provide  Seahawks 49ers prediction, we will see that Seattle Seahawks are far ahead than 49ers. In terms of Seahawks 49ers game Prediction, we have to analyze their previous records. Seahawks 49ers 2016 NFL stats, their head to head meeting all create an impact on Seattle SanFrancisco game Prediction. So, at last, it seems that Seahawks 49ers game prediction goes 95% winning chances of Seahawks.

Seahawks 49ers Last Five Matches Results

In the Seahawks 49ers last five matches, Seahawks won all the matches. Furthermore, Seahawks defeat 49ers by a huge margin. Seahawks won not only in the home but also away games. So, Seahawks perhaps retain their consecutive win in the week 2 game.

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