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Seattle Seahawks Team Super Bowl History

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl History
Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl History (Getty Images)

The Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl History of Glory


The Space needle points to the sky and overlooks the city of Seattle in the Pacific Northwest. This famous Washingtonian city is well known for its café’s (home of Starbucks), grunge music (home of Nirvana. Audioslave), Mountains (Home of Mount Rainier) and the Northwest’s favorite football team; The Seattle SeahawksSeattle Seahawks also referred as the “hawks” has seen both its glory days and its dark days in Super Bowl history. No wonder, The Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl History have been  the loudest fans in the world.

2013 (XLVIII): Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks

The Super Bowl championship XLVIII has been known as the moment that was seized by the Seattle Seahawks and is regarded as one of the turning point in whole football history. The Champion of NFL against the Champion of AFL, this game was played in the MetLife stadium in New Jersey. The Offense of Denver Broncos of the 2013 season was feared as one of the most aggressive in Super Bowl History however, the Scoreboard showed otherwise. The defense of Seattle Seahawks was not to be undermined and won with a huge margin of 43 – 8. The Hawks won their Super Bowl Championships for the first time and the Broncos lost it for the Fifth time. Malcolm Smith won the most valuable player in the Super Bowl Championship. He made nine vital tackles throughout the game. The teams are bitter rival. See Broncos vs Seahawks Rivalry

2005 (XL) : Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots

This was the first loss for the Seattle Seahawks in their history of the Super Bowl. The game was against the AFL champion Pittsburgh Steelers. The game held on 5th February, 2006 in Detroit, Michigan. The early lead with 13 points from Steelers caused havoc for the Seattle to come back. The Steelers were unable to gain their first downs in the 1st quarter. Peter Warrick was phenomenal in giving the team a good field position for the Seattle Seahawks.

Later in the 3rd quarter, Pittsburgh got the advantage from the penalty. The important lead took place when the running back Willie Parker hustled his way to make a 75 yard touchdown. This gave the Steelers a 14-3 lead and also a record for the longest run in Super Bowl history. The game ended when the Steelers made a touchdown just before there were 3 seconds due  in the game. Hines Ward won the most valuable player.However, the media and analyst criticized the game officials for some controversial decisions after the game.

2014 (XLIX):Seattle Seahawks vs  Pittsburgh Steelers

This time, the game took place at University of Phoenix in Glendale, Arizona. The NFL Champion Seattle Seahawks was to play against the AFC Champion New England Patriots. The three times Super Bowl winners Patriots defeated the defending champion by a competitive score. The Scoreboard showed 28-24 which proved how tough the Hawks played against the patriots. The 1st and 2nd quarter showed the quality of both teams. The struggle continued for both the teams and the scoreboard showed 14-14 at the half time.

The patriots, only with a couple of minutes left on the watch took the score to 28 and won the Super Bowl Championship (XLVIII) by a narrow margin. Tom Brady, Quarterback for The New England Patriots won the most valuable player. The Seattle Seahawks is the best Football teamsas per people’s choice in the Northwest. Their Fan base ranges from all the territories of the Northwest and even Canada.


Summary of Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl Appearances
Season Super Bowl # Opponent Stadium Result Comments
2005 XL Pittsburgh Steelers Ford Field 10–21 Loss
2013 XLVIII Denver Broncos MetLife Stadium 43–8 Win
2014 XLIX New England Patriots University of Phoenix Stadium 24–28 Loss
Total Win  01
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