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Seattle Seahawks Fans Information

Seattle Seahawks Fans 2018

It is not a surprise to see “Seattle Seahawks” as the first thought in everyone’s mind when they hear about an American based football franchise. Yes, the fever of this is all over the world. Crazy Seattle Seahawks Fans have got  recognition from televisions. . Since Nov. 6, 2011, Seahawks have never lost a game more than 7 points. Sea Gals Fans have set franchise records and have won the roads.

Seattle Seahawks fans be like they are playing in the ground, they get so involved and connected to the match, it is because of the trend the players set by past performance. The craze and drive to win each match is the unfailing support from these fans. Seahawks fans tailgating skills help them to track all information about the football franchise.

Seahawks Fans on Social Media:

The team  Seattle Seahawks has huge fans both on field and off field. We see a huge loud crowds of fans cheers up the seahawks players regardless of whether it is Sunday night football or Monday night football game day. The  crowds are also present on virtual realm with more in number. Thus the social media fans are always vigilant and active cheering the team up even though its no longer game day. The Seahawks has all social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Youtube. The pages keeps fans update with the team information.

Seahawks’ NFC Fans

The seahawks have successfully clinched NFC championship three times in this decades. Despite the bitter rivalry with the teams in the NFC West and with team from other division, the seahawks got huge support when they represented NFC at Super Bowl. The fans of all other NFC teams cheered the team and wish the seahawks would  win the three Super Bowls for the NFC supporters. Thus the Seahawks has got a lot of fans in their side while fighting at Super Bowls for NFC.Lets know more on The Seahawks NFC Championship.

Sea Gals Fans

Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders are popularly known as the Sea Gals. They are the franchise’s official cheerleading squad and although their primary role is cheering at Seahawks home games, they also engage in charity activities and make personal appearances to events. The Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders team of between 24 and 32 women. To know more, click Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders.

The stunning performance of Sea Gals has earn them lot of fans.Their on field and off field dance performance, Audition Videos, Work out, Swim Shoot videos, TV performance etc have attracted fans very deeply. The fans are likely to get updates of sea gals on Facebook, twitter etc.

12th Man Seahawks

The blue “12” flags present in TVs during their performance is to recognize fans.This football fans are the loudest fans in the entire world. It is believed that these Seahawk fans loud noise affects the opponents and will get them to make errors, the noise is so distracting to their opponents, which will help Seahawks to gain points.

The “12th man” is known as Seahawks fans; it’s called so as the team was penalized to get their fans noise lower. The history and updates about Seahawks in not net to anymore. We along with there are eagerly waiting for their next performance. Of course, fans will try to control the loud noise, to help them avoid penalty. The noise become much louder when it comes to seahawks game with its Rivals. That is why Seahawks- 49ers Rivary and Seahawks-Broncos rivalry game at Centurylink Field

Crazy Seahawks fans

Football is a passion for many; hot Seahawks fans will show up for every match and will cheer them up as the players never disappointed the fans. The team has ensured to perform the best in each match and this has made their fans drive crazy. Being a part of this fans association means  something really big, for some it is an achievement. Experiences cannot be put into words, and people feel like thunder-hit with each performance.

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