The Seattle Seahawk Cheerleaders are the endorsed cheerleading crew of the NFL team , Seattle Seahawks. The Sea Gals perform a diversity of songs and dancing style during the match. The Gals are the most exciting group of dancers that you have come across in your life. There are the best of NFL cheerleaders. The Sea Gals perform a variety of dances throughout the year when they travel in a parade with other NFL Cheerleaders everywhere in the world.

Seattle Seahawks Team Cheerleaders 2018

Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders
Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders

Brief history of Seattle Seahawk Cheerleaders

The Seattle Seahawks  started in 1976 after the NF Lhad  awarded Seattle a football franchise. The first team was formed the same year; and so was the first cheerleading squad. The Sea Gals made their grand debut on September 12th, 1976, the day the Seattle Seahawks first took to the field for a competitive game against the St. Louis Cardinals. The match attracted an attendance of 58,441 and although the Seahawks played impressively well, their final pass was intercepted in the end-zone leading to a 30-24 loss.

The Sea Gals has received awards from the NFL. Pro football franchise in the year 1976. Currently, the roster size of Sea Gals is increasing. There is addition of few other ladies. Uniform of this squad too, has been changing with time since 1976. Nevertheless, the Sea Gals continue to hit and are appearing at the forefront as the Seahawks in the EFL cheering squad.

Sea Gals

Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders are popularly known as the Sea Gals. They are the franchise’s official cheerleading squad and although their primary role is cheering at Seahawks home games, they also engage in charity activities and make personal appearances to events. The Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders team of between 24 and 32 women is usually selected on a yearly basis.

While a game is in progress, the Sea Gals usually split into four groups so that each group cheers at each corner of the end zone. They gather together between quarters and perform a variety of full-squad dance routines on the pitch. Follow Seattle Seahawk Cheerleaders on Twitter and Facebook

The First Cheerleading Squad

The inaugural Sea Gals squad consisted of 21 women who were directed by Holly Lemke. The roster was comprised of:

Anne Baxter, Arleen Smith, Arlene Calkins, Cindy Wood, Evelyn Robertson,Gayl Northrup, Holly Lemke, Jane Dimos, Kathy Lunde, Kim Zelikovsky, Linnie Houk, Lisa Heuer, Melanie Nevers, Melanie Owen, Paris Brown, Paulette Russell, Shelley West, Susie Roselli, Terri Dunagan, Tina Peterson, Yvette Van Voorhees

Since then, the Sea Gals have conducted their businesses uninterrupted to date. However, their uniforms and roster size have changed a few times but not in a way that affects their efficiency as a cheerleading team.

Audition and Salary

Currently, the team audition takes place every year. The qualification of every participant is being 18yrs and over and having at least a high school diploma in the equivalent field of study. The audition happens in public domains. There are for stages in the overall auditions, and the candidates reduce at every stage. This means that the number of contenders reduces as we approach the finals. At the end of the day, candidates who attain the best position are selected to join the Sea Gals squad. Once you appear in the selection list, you have to attend all the rehearsals. Even if you attend all the rehearsals, you cannot participate in cheering for the next home game.
The Seattle Sea Gals receive an hourly wage for all hour they work. This payment also includes overtime work if there is one. Also, there receive they receive two tickets to each home game for free.

How much it charge to have  Sea Gals performed

As mentioned earlier, the squad is also available all year round (except when the Seahawks team is playing and on squad tryouts) to make public appearances. For that, you will have to pay $150 per Sea Gal per hour and the minimum is pegged at 2 hours.

If you want a group then you can go for the Sea Gals Show Group that is also available all year round (except when the Seahawks team is playing and on squad tryouts). For $2,000, the show group will perform a 60-minute show that features singing and dancing in a variety of costumes and themes. Here you will get the Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders videos also.

Audition 2018

Sea Gal’s audition for this year (2017) is to take place on Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 at Virginia Mason Athletic Center. The audition is open to anyone who will have the following qualification and have never stood on the Sea Gals squad before:

  • You must dance freestyle to the music delivered to you by the Seahawks for at least one minute.
  • You must register at a fee of $20 which you pay at registration time (cash).

Those to qualify for semi-finals will learn a routine to perform on the following day (Sunday 23rd)
Former Sea Gals should report on Saturday, at 12:30, April 22nd, and should be ready to cram semi-final procedures race (excluding 2016 squad). Get all audtion update  on


Sea Gals Alumni
Sheri Leonard is the Sea Gal alumni. He has been the football fan and a prominent dancer since she was 3 years. Her journey to the director of the Junior Sea Gals starts from, a Sea Gal for three years then, Sea Gal Choreographer for the next three years. She also has been on the judging panel at Sea Gal audition for about 21years.
Sea Gal also performs in off-field television appearance to dance for the community and participate diverse participation. They go across the globe if invited but at a cost. Since it s started in 1976, the Sea Gals squad has had some very notable and popular figures. They include the following:

Ali Dudek – a famous singer.
Amber Lancaster – model and actress
Heidi Meili – reporter and anchor
Julie Shipley-Childs – fitness competitor
Christina Clarke – model and Miss Washington USA 2012
Lauren Leeds – reporter


Sea Gals Cheerleaders 2018

Currently, we have a total number of 90 Seahawks in the squad. You can differentiate from each other by having different; name, number, weight, age, experience, and college. The Seahawks comes from every part of the world and join to form a super-team. The current roster was selected in 2017 after auditions that were spearheaded by Director Sherri Thompson at CenturyLink Field. It is made up of 33 women; 11 rookies and 22 veterans.

Current Sea Gals  Roster 2018


Below is the list of besea gals roster.

Alexis, Bianca, Brittany








Jessica B



Kelsey G

Kelsey P


















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