Seahawks 2016 Preseason

Seattle Seahawks 2016 Preseason TV Schedule Time date

The Seattle Seahawks have a very exciting preseason schedule ahead of them. They will be taking on some of the top teams in what will be a thrilling few weeks of friendly rivalry. And, with the Seahawks on top form at the moment, they are sure to acquit themselves well throughout the whole preseason.

The Seattle Seahawks’ preseason schedule in full

The Seahawks’ first game of the preseason will take place on Saturday August 13th when they will be taking on the Kansas City Chiefs at the Arrowhead Stadium. Just 5 days later, the Seahawks will be playing against the Minnesota Vikings at Centurylink Field. Their third and fourth games of the preseason will take place against the Dallas City Cowboys on August 25th (again at Centurylink Field) and then against the Oakland Raiders on the Raiders’ home pitch at Oakland Coliseum on September 1st.

Seattle Seahawks 2016 Preseason
Seahawks 2016 Preseason

Match report on last years’ performance

In 2015, the Seattle Seahawks did pretty well for themselves. Their biggest win was against the 49ers, and here they won 22/11. They also did well against the Steelers (winning 29/11) and the Rams (against whom they won 27/12). All in all, the Seahawks have plenty of great memories from last year’s matches, and a whole lot of good work that they can build on in the aforementioned preseason matches that they have coming up in just a few weeks.

Opponent conditions

However, looking back at the Seattle Seahawks’ performances in 2015 also indicates that many of their preseason matches are going to be tense, edge of the seat affairs. This is because several of their opponents showed themselves to be in very good condition. In particular, the Vikings beat the Seahawks 06/12 early last year whilst when the two teams played again later in the year it was the Seahawks who won (with a score of 10/01).

The Cowboys, Chiefs, and Raiders are all looking to be in good condition, too, and they will surely put up a great fight against the Seahawks. However, for many fans, it is the Seahawks’ game against the Vikings that will be the real highlight of the preseason. As last year’s games amply showed, either team has the power to win this game at Centurylink Field. So, place your bets now ladies and gentlemen, because this is sure to be one exciting preseason for the Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks’ preseason schedule in sum

Old rivalries will be revisited this season as eyes turn towards the Vikings. But, with the Seahawks looking to be in great condition, they will be more than a match for all of their opponents.