Week 2: Seahawks vs Vikings Preseason Prediction 2017

Week 2: Seahawks vs Vikings Preseason Prediction 2017

Seahawks vs Vikings Preseason Week 2
Seahawks vs Vikings Preseason Week 2

Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings both joined in NFL as an expansion team. Seahawks joined as an expansion team on 1976 in NFL. On the other hand, Vikings also joined as an expansion team in NFL in 1960. Seahawks joined NFL from NFC (West) where Vikings are NFC (North). Already both teams Preseason week 1 completed now it’s time to know about Week 2: Seahawks vs Vikings Preseason Prediction 2017. Moreover, throughout the whole article, we will discuss Seahawks Game, Seahawks 2016 Season Record, Seahawks Week 1 Preseason Stats, Vikings Football, Vikings 2016 Season Record, Vikings Week 1 Preseason Stats, Seahawks vs Preseason Schedule 2017, Seahawks vs Vikings Last Five Games, and Seahawks vs Vikings Preseason Prediction 2017.

Seahawks Game

Seattle Seahawks an American football team based in Seattle, Washington. The Seahawks Franchise based in Pacific Northwest region of North America who attract support from the wide geographical area. The Hawks nickname beholder have several achievements in their franchise history. They won  10 Division championship, 3 Conference championships, 1 Super Bowl championship, and 16 Playoff Appearances. Seahawks Week 1 Preseason Stats will show their fans a new achievement in this season. They ranked 1st in NFC West and ended up being 8th in overall NFL team standing. So, let’s know about their 2016 season record at a glance.

2017 Result & Highlights:

Vikings  Football

Minnesota Vikings based in Minneapolis, Minnesota established in 1960. They compete in the NFL from NFC (North) division. Before NFC(North) they were in the NFC Central, before that NFL’s western conference central division. Likewise, Seahawks Vikings have also some achievements. They won 19 division championships, 4 Conference Championships, and 28 Playoff Appearances. They ranked 3rd in NFC (North) and ended up being 19th in overall NFL team standing.

Seahawks vs Vikings Preseason Schedule 2017

  • Teams: Seattle Seahawks vs Minnesota Vikings
  • Time: 10:00 pm
  • Date: August 18, 2017
  • Location: CenturyLink Field, Seattle Washington
  • TV Channel: Q 13, FOX

Seahawks vs Vikings Preseason Prediction 2017

Seahawks and Vikings both meet for 15 times since 1976- 2016. They both meet in this season 2017. If we want to analyze Seahawks vs Vikings Preseason Prediction 2017 we ought to analyze both teams past records. In the above discussion, we discuss their Last Five Games, Seahawks 2016 Season Record, Vikings 2016 Season Record, and even both teams week 1 game stats as well. After analyzing their past record we can easily predict that The Seahawks are the hot favorite in this season 2017. In their individual quota, they both played 16 games in 2016 season.

Among them Seahawks won 10 games and loses 5 games and tied 1 game, on the other hand, Vikings won 8 and lose 8 games. Similarly, among the last five matches that they meet together, Seahawks won 4 times where Vikings won only one. Although both teams start their preseason week 1 by the win, it also create a difference between the two teams. Seahawks defeated Chargers by 48-17 where Vikings defeated Bills 17-10. So, the winning chances of Seahawks in this season 2017 against Vikings is 90%. In this way Week 2: Seahawks vs Vikings Preseason Prediction 2017 goes for the team Seattle Seahawks.

Week 1 Preseason: Seahawks vs Chargers Game Battle Prediction 2017

Week 1 Preseason: Seahawks vs Chargers Game Battle Prediction 2017

Seahawks vs Chargers Preseason week 1

Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Chargers both are from the different division will meet in Preseason 2017 of NFL. Seahawks are from NFC (West) and Chargers are from AFC (West) division. They both meet for 50 times where Seahawks lead the all-time series by 26-24-0. Week 1 Preseason: Seahawks vs Chargers Game Battle Prediction 2017 played a vast role to reduce suspense among the fans. Before that, firstly, we discuss the teams individually. Secondly, discuss Seattle Seahawks vs Los Angeles Chargers Preseason Prediction. Throughout the whole discussion, we will discuss Seahawks 2016 Season Record, Chargers 2016 Season Record, Seahawks vs Chargers Preseason Schedule 2017, and Seattle Seahawks vs LA Chargers Game Battle Prediction 2017, Seahawks vs Chargers Last Five Games.

Seahawks Game Battle

Seahawks are an American Football team based in Seattle, Washington. The team established in 1974 and joined in NFL as an expansion team in 1976.As like as the other teams in NFL they have some glorious achievement in their franchise history. They won 10 Division championships, 3 Conference Championships, 1 Super Bowl championships and 16 Playoff appearances. They ranked 1st in NFC West and ended up being 8th in overall NFL team standing. Firstly, check out their 2016 season record.

Los Angeles Chargers Football Battle

Los Angeles Chargers, based in Greater Los Angeles Area established in 1959. They joined in NFL as a member club of AFC (West) division. They started their play in 1960 with their present name. After that, in 1961 they moved to the San Diego and changed their name as San Diego Chargers. They continue with this name till 2016. Then in this season 2017, they moved back to Los Angeles and behold the name Los Angeles Chargers again. They ranked 4th in AFC(West) and ended up being 27th in overall NFL team standing. So, now firstly, let’s have a look at their 2016 Season Record. Then we will discuss the Week 1 Preseason: Seahawks vs Chargers Game Battle Prediction 2017.

Seahawks vs Chargers Preseason Schedule 2017

Seattle Seahawks vs LA Chargers Game Battle Prediction 2017

If we want to give Seattle Seahawks vs LA Chargers Game Battle Prediction 2017, Seahawks are in a higher position than Chargers. After analyzing the teams individually we see that Seahawks are far ahead than the Chargers. Moreover, in Seahawks vs Chargers Last Five Games Seahawks are also ahead in the battle. Alongside, the stats of Seahawks 2016 Season Record and the stats of Chargers 2016 Season Record also makes a huge difference between them. Generally, if we consider those stats, Seahawks are in a good position. But in a game ‘nothing is impossible’ and Chargers may utilize this proverb and will fight for reach their ultimate goal.

Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots 2016 Review & Highlights

That seven-point lead by the Seattle Seahawks over New England Patriots took the Super Bowl fans by storm on Sunday Night Football, November 13, 2016. Outscoring the Patriots, the Seahawks’ defense has once again lived up to its reputation as they paved way for some dramatic goal line stand in just the final seconds of the game.

The team didn’t find it hard to get that intense motivating factor everyone needed to win the game and finally reigned in the Seahawks vs Patriots highlights for 2016. In their 31-24 road victory, it was actually their first time to battle with New England since its Super Bowl in February of 2015.

What actually happened?

It seemed that the Patriots could have actually tied the game easily if they had scored a touchdown. The Seahawks, on the other hand, attempted the more difficult play that the Patriots would have had to attempt if only the former had just taken their easy one point.

Everyone was actually confused and even Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was caught by the NBC cameras asking the same question just like everybody else, “Why is he going for two?” as the Seahawks lined up for the play.

Apparently, Pete Carroll’s rationale had to be that the coach wanted to force the Patriots to try to win the game on two separate possessions. Being up eight points simply meant that the Patriots could still tie the game on one possession. This is entirely reasonable, especially with time dwindling.

“We wanted to see if we could put it out of reach, make it a two-score deal, ”Carroll said to confirm theories and analyses after the game.

Since this could literally be a “do or die” decision for the coach as it could have totally been a wrong move for the Seahawks, this has become one of the Seahawks vs Patriots game highlights. True enough, they escaped with a win, but not before the Patriots drove all the way to the 1-yard line. If Rob Gronkowski had been able to haul in Tom Brady’s fourth down pass attempt, there might have been a lot of anger definitely directed at Pete Carroll after that epic battle.

Get a dose of inspiration from these coaches:

Pete Carroll remarks that every game is a championship game for the. He adds that it is a challenge of putting their best foot forward and not focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of the other team.

On the other hand, Bill Belichic believes that mental toughness involves doing the right thing for your team as opposed to doing the best thing for you, as this is the only sure winning mentality.

These guys and their men truly sealed the NFL season with a blast! Super Bowl fans will surely expect more breath-taking moves, hype, and drama from each team. Feel free to share your thoughts about the iconic Seahawks vs Patriots game highlights by leaving some comments below. Pitch in to get live updates and latest trends from NFL as the game rolls along.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Seattle Seahawks 2016 Review Highlights

This is one of the exciting matches of the 11th week taking place at Century Link Field, the Philadelphia Eagles (5-4) being hosted by the Seattle Seahawks (6-2-1). Bot of the teams are showing their strength evident in their previous wins, and they seem to boost their respective division heading into the stretch of the season run. The game is set to kick off at 4:25 p.m. ET and it will be live on CBS.
Previously the Seahawk show a brilliant performance against the New England Patriots with a 31-24 win. Russel Wilson had his best game of the year against the New England whereas Thomas Rawls is expected to return from a leg injury. This result is evident of the team being in great form.
Both of the teams need a win to boost their flagging playoff hopes. The Packers have lost four straight games.

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles
Seattle Seahawks vs Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are a great number, where every of its team shows a good performance setting a winning record but Philadelphia somehow finds its place in the last place. Having stumbled on a 0-3 record in the division, this makes the blame be themselves.

After the game
The first quarter of the match ended up in a tight draw of 7-7, Packers against Eagles although by halftime the Packers managed to go ahead of the Eagles by 14-10 being the score. The second half was a competitive time where the third quarter ended at 17-13, the teams showing their strength. Though the Packers became more aggressive in the game and they show more attacks managing to beat the Eagles by 27-13 at the end of the game. This was a positive result for the team but a disappointment for the Eagles.
In the second quarter, Jordan Matthews left the game suffering a severe ankle injury. DeShawnShead, Seahawks’ cornerback, suffered a hamstring injury. Jason Peters, Eagles. Left tackle was taken out to get X-rays on his left forearm, but he later returned to the game. C.J. Prosise left with a shoulder injury, making his return to be so questionable. Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles were both ruled out of the rest of the game.

Steven Hauschka managed to join a very historical moment. He missed an extra point kick, something that had been done by kickers 11 times during the week which is a new record.
A real magic touchdown pass from Rodgers to Davante Adams was recorded.

Buffalo Bills vs Seattle Seahawks 2016 Review & Highlights

Buffalo bills vs Seattle seahawks highlight week 9 2016

The Monday night clash saw Seattle Seahawks (5-2-1) beat Buffalo Bills (4-5), a match that was held at the at CenturyLink Field. This helped Seahawk move up to number 2 in the NFC spot, with the 31-25 win. Seahawks’ attacks were mainly by Jimmy Graham and Russell Wilson. This might have been statistically the most dominant game that Jimmy Graham played since he became a Seahawk, evidence that Seahawks have learn to trust him. He indeed made the difference in the performance that his team showed, with receiver Paul Richardson saying, “Jimmy is a human highlight reel…I believe when the ball is even in his direction, he’s bound to make something special happen.” Kam Chancellor and MichealBennet, on the other hand, were the most inactive players on the Seahawks’ side.

Christine Micheal performed a 2-yard TD run that saw the Bills take an early lead.

The game was a comeback for quarterback Rusell Wilson, who had been hampered by injuries all year long, but his game was like his old self. Running back C.J. Prosise commented on this saying that it was evident that  there was a little difference in that game, which was in their offense, adding that “We’re really excited in what’s coming forward.” Some game analysts had however claimed that Wilson would be the weakness that Bills would use to defeat Seahawks.

Controversy on this week’s game came with Bills’ field goal attempt. This was after jumping offside by Richard Sherman. Since the referee failed to blow the whistle, Sherman continued, touching the ball and roughing Dan Carpenter. Sherman was however not penalized for this, to the anger of Bills’ head coach Rex Ryan. Commenting after the game, Sherman defended himself telling ESPN’s Lisa Salters that since the whistle was not blown, he played on until it was blown. He added that he went straight after the ball, not Carpenter. He added that once the ball is tipped while paling, the rule that applies is that there is no flag.

After the game, Coach Pete Carroll acknowledged that this was not the performance that everyone expected from them, implying the  injuries of Russell Wilson, Thomas Rawls, Kam Chancellor and Michael Bennett had affected the quality of their play. This, he added, had carried on for the past 8 weeks, as it was evidenced by the struggling running game all along, and the continuous presence of defense in the field. However, even with the bending of the defense, it did not break.

The two teams had met 12 times before this game, and Seattle held an advantage of beating Bills 7-5, and the odds were to the advantage of Seattle, which still won.